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Homemade Marshmallows

Kayla and I had a great time today making homemade marshmallows. When I pulled out the recipe, it looked a little daunting and overwhelming, but hey I like a challenge! 🙂 These marshmallows are SO rich and buttery–better than anything you would have tasted at the store. I am SOLD on them. I think I …

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BBQ Lil’ Smokies

I love BBQ Lil’ Smokies! There are so many different ways you can fix these. I have used a recipe where I wrapped them in crescent rolls. I have wrapped them in bacon. And one of my all time favorite ways to fix them is with grape jelly! It makes them have this delicious bbq …

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Chinese Sweet Biscuits

One of my favorite things to eat at our local Chinese restaurant is the Chinese Sweet Biscuits that they have. After studying them for a few visits, I figured out that they are nothing more than biscuit dough that has been rolled up and fried and then rolled in sugar. SUPER easy and will be …

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How to Make Your Very Own Paula Deen House Seasoning

This copycat Paula Deen House Seasoning is the perfect blend for just about anything you happen to be making. Goes great on fish, chicken, beef, potatoes, veggies, side dishes and more! I love making homemade seasoning mixes! It never dawned on me until a couple of years ago that it is so much cheaper and …

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Is it Okay to Eat Microwaved Food every day?

Many of us rely on microwaves for their hassle-free method of heating food. Whether it’s leftovers from last night or a frozen meal from two days ago, having a microwave means fewer chances of going hungry even when you haven’t prepared anything. Having so many things to do with so little time has probably led …

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Chocolate Syrup

My son is a major chocolate milk drinker. He can go through two bottles of syrup a week ( you know the Hershey brand right?). Anyway, I started looking for a homemade version of chocolate syrup and of course, The Hillbilly Housewife had just the recipe I needed! Have I mentioned how much I love …

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Homemade Corn Tortillas

I had the pleasure last week of playing with my new kitchen gadget–my tortilla maker! If you do not have one of these, let me tell you, they make the whole homemade corn tortilla process SO MUCH EASIER (and they are delicious and don’t taste like cardboard)!

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Pecan Pie

My husband loves pecan pie. As I told you before, when he loves something, I do my very best to fix it for him. I am not a fan of pecans. However, this pie turned out to be so. darn. good.

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Homemade Funnel Cake

Making homemade funnel cake is one of our favorite things to do–and it is SO easy! I used to buy the box of premade funnel cake mix at the store, until I found this recipe online. It works wonderfully well and it is so scrumptious. WARNING–this food is not good for dieters. Just looking at …

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Amish Friendship Bread

Several years ago, my very good friend Annette gave me a ziplock bag filled with a goo and a recipe on a card labeled “Amish Friendship Bread”. Little did I know that this sweet tasting bread would become a family favorite around here.

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