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Peanut Island, Florida: Exploring Florida’s Offbeat Path

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Explore the vibrant attractions of Peanut Island Florida and learn how to reach here. Check out the beaches, Kennedy Pier, boardwalk, and other things to do.

Have you ever been to an island, which is wild, urbanized, adventurous, romantic, and something in between? Plopped right off the northeastern corner of the West Palm Beach, Peanut Island Florida is the perfect way to spend a weekend in summer in Florida.

This little piece of paradise was created in 1918 by a dredging project. This created the inlet and the Port of Palm Beach. Today, it is considered one of the popular tourist sites. Visitors come to soak up the sun on the beaches. You can prepare a family meal at the grilling stations, or spend the night at one of the camps.

Moreover, this 80-acre tropical island, nestled in the InterCoastal Waterway near the Lake Worth Inlet is a great spot to see tropical fish. It's also a great place to see stingrays, starfish, and other exotic marine creatures.

It has long been a popular spot for boaters to moor and party. Among other activities, sports, and fun, the must-visit place is Peanut Island Park. Here, you will find a pier, an artificial reef, and some decent campsites.

How to Reach Peanut Island, Florida

Once you reach Florida, your next stop will be Peanut Island. This water-surrounded land mass is well accessed by boat, kayak, paddle boarding, and water taxi. Visitors can get there via a shuttle boat that departs at every 15 minutes from Riviera Beach Marina.

Top Things to Do in Peanut Island, Florida

There are ample things to do in Peanut Island, Florida. Whether you are here for fishing, boating, snorkeling, beach bumming, or camping, the island will not disappoint you in any way. It is peaceful, quiet, and yet lively.

The high tides bring the ocean into the inlet. The translucent waters provide perfect conditions for swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and water sports. However, if you are craving a more thumping nightlife, adventurous watersports, and beach retreat, then you can visit Key West. It's just four hours from Peanut Island.

The Beaches

Miami is not the only beach destination in Florida. Peanut Island has its fair share of beautiful beaches. You can’t help but relax on one of its beaches! You can admire the clear blue sky, and gently waving palm trees as the backdrop.

These beaches surely exude a tropical vibe, right in the middle of Florida. If you want to get drenched with saltwater, there are some designated spots on those beaches. You can swim in a clear lagoon.

The Sandbar

Visiting Peanut Island, Florida in the summer? Who wouldn’t love a good sandbar on a hot summer day? Head to the north side of the island, towards Blue Heron Bridge, and you will be thrilled by the myriad options of recreational and water activities to do here. Bring your drinks, your pal, and your pup on a clear, shiny day, and enjoy boating, kayaking, and even paddle boarding.

Peanut Island Kennedy Bunker

If you are wondering, if this little paradise has any history to reveal, then head to the Kennedy Bunker. Take a break from the beaches, island parties, wilderness, and outdoor adventures, and spend some time unearthing the history of the island.

The island has a fallout bunker, which was built in 1961 to serve as a command center and as a shelter of the then president John F. Kennedy during the cold war with Cuba. This declassified and decommissioned bunker has a museum, where you can learn about the Cold War and the items used by the president during his stay in the bunker. Here you will find Army K-rations, gas masks, and ham radios.

Peanut Island Reef Broadwalk

A perfect place to extend yourself over the ocean and admire the endless vistas. The best time to visit the boardwalk is either in the morning or in the evening. The sunrise and sunset views over the ocean are ethereal. The boardwalk takes you 280 feet over the Lake Worth Lagoon, and on a windy day, lets you see the gentle waves too. While you are here, apart from taking selfies and photos, look over the railings and see if you can spot any colorful fees.

Peanut Island Fishing Pier

If you love fishing, then you are in for a real treat here. The sparkling waters of Peanut Island Florida is home to a large number of fish, and to enjoy fishing, come to the island’s Fishing Pier. The entire perimeter is a public park, surrounded by water. Take your pole and your boat to one of the designated areas for catching various types of fish, including shellfish, saltwater fish, etc.

Wildlife on Peanut Island

This secluded island is dotted with natural wonders. The island’s ecosystem makes for a great habitat for mangrove channels, reefs, etc. where you can easily spot wildflowers, yellow dune sunflowers, crawling railroad vines, red mangroves with roots in the water, and floating sea grasses. Furthermore, if it’s your lucky day, you will even get a glimpse of beautiful sea creatures like manatees, spiny puffer fish, hermit crabs, sea stars, and cowfish.

Final Takeaway

Peanut Island is an offbeat path, often overlooked by the glamorous cities of Florida. However, if seclusion, fewer crowds, and yet a wild vacation is what you are looking for, then this little piece of paradise, enclosed by water is a perfect place to plan your next trip.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.