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Why Pepper Jam Will Be a Hit at Your Next Gathering

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Hosting a party but not sure what to include on the menu? Pepper jam is a great addition to any gathering because of its ability to go with practically any food. It’s a great dip in the center of a charcuterie board, or by itself on some crackers and chips.

Pepper jam has tons of flavor, and you can choose from multiple different flavors such as cranberry, habanero pepper, Caribbean mango, pomegranate, and many more! It also makes a great stocking stuffer and gift for your friends and family.

Be sure to check out my homemade recipes for Red Pepper Jelly and Green Pepper Jelly as well. They are fantastic over cream cheese with crackers!

Why Pepper Jam Will Be a Big Hit!

Savory Appetizers

Pepper jelly makes a great addition to any appetizer, whether you’re just using it for a dip or fully incorporating it into the dish itself. It adds that extra “kick” to every dish and all of your guests will be wondering what you used to make it so yummy.

For an easy crowd-pleaser, just open a jar of the original pepper jam and put it in the center of a board lined with different crackers, cheeses, and meats. The jam is a perfect combination of sweet and spicy, and compliments all of these appetizer items. 


You can treat pepper jam like the dip that it is, or you can use a few tablespoons of it in your rubs for chicken, pork, beef, or fish for a sweet and savory flavor. You can also use it as a glaze on vegetables, chicken wings, your next Christmas ham, and pour it over a cream cheese ball for a smooth and spicy dip. Pepper jam is also great in stir-fries and on top of burgers instead of using ketchup or mayonnaise. 

Next time you want to host a gathering and aren’t sure what to make, bring out the pepper jelly and start turning those boring, traditional party dishes into bold, flavorful ones. Everyone will be amazed at what just a jar of pepper jelly can do to a dish.


No need to defrost or heat up this secret weapon. Simply add a tablespoon or two, (or three) to any dish. It can make it taste as it took you all day long to make. There’s no need for meats or fish to sit long in a pepper jam marinade. You can freeze it to keep it a little longer as well. You can keep it in stock at all times.

People are raving about this new secret dip. They are amazed at what it can do to just a simple pork chop. Keep a few jars on hand in your kitchen cupboard. Add them to a variety of dishes! Your guests will be amazed at how flavorful everything is!

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