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These Packing Tips Will Have You Ready for Your Trip in No Time!

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Packing is something that not many will give a second thought to, but how you pack your suitcase says a little bit about you as a person.

The research reported by Psychology Today indicates that your packing style, whether minimalist, fussy, or chaotic, has something to say about your personality and how you should pack in the future.

Finding and using clever hacks to achieve your packing goals can help you to get it done quickly and in a way that’ll make you smile, rather than a sigh, when you open the case at your destination.

Go for height

Every packing task starts with the case, and it’s important to get the right one for you. A good place to start is making sure that you don’t over-pack. According to the New York Times, whatever extra space you give yourself will be filled, whether you need it or not.

Do a checklist for your trip and what you’ll need, and then work from there. For most people, a 22-inch height case will suffice.

In the age of cheaper flights and fast travel, you can even scale down further: according to backpacking industry experts Backpackies, you can use modern smaller-sized cases that you might associate with a carry-on to do the same job as bigger pieces.

Using modern tools

How can you make your stuff fit into smaller spaces? According to Good Housekeeping, the trick is in using modern materials. Knits and stretchy fabrics like spandex-infused basics will unfold and uncrinkle even after the quickest and roughest of packing ordeals.

This extends to hard contents too. Water bottles, item containers, and the like, can all be found in forms that are conducive to better packing, with more squish-ability (or to be left in their natural state, if you so wish).

Dry cleaning bags

Tying together a well-packed case is the humble dry cleaning bag. These prevent crinkles in your clothes, and also serve an even more important purpose – they are the carrier for your mementos and gifts that you bring home.

This is possibly the ultimate packing hack, for chaotic and precise packers alike. It gives protection against liquids, protection for your valuables and mementos, and it keeps your clothes fresh.

Travel hacks, then, aren’t really ‘hacks’ at all – just common-sense steps to protect your belongings and make sure you arrive at your destination ready to enjoy the trip. Taking the stress out of packing and learning about how to make sure you’ll be satisfied on arrival is the trick.

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