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Should You Go For Steel Or Fiberglass Doors?

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It is a challenging task to decide the type of entry door to choose. The front door you choose should be appealing to create good first impressions.

Away from appearances, there are two types of front doors that homeowners find themselves in a dilemma when choosing. These are steel and fiberglass doors. So, which option should you opt for? 

Deciding on which one of these two front doors to buy is not easy. They are both different in their properties and look, but they both deliver long-term performance.

Deciding on whether to buy fiberglass doors or steel doors will depend on your taste and preference. Let’s dive straight into it and dissect each door material below.

Fiberglass Doors

Manufacturers have made fiberglass doors with a resemblance of the defined grain of wood. They are also available in smooth finishes, and they come in different types of grain and glaze. Fiberglass doors are also available in different colors, which you choose according to your furniture, walls, or preference. 

These doors do not shrink, warp or dent and unlike wood, fiberglass is not attacked by insects like termites. They are also the best if you live in high humidity areas, as they won't absorb water and swell. Because these doors are made to last long, most of their manufacturers include a warranty.

Fiberglass exterior doors are low-maintenance. They do not fade, meaning they won't require you to keep repainting. The only maintenance they need is to clean them with soap and a clean cloth if you notice stains. 

They are very energy efficient. Fiberglass doors are made with a polyurethane core, heat resistant window trimming, and weather stripping, all of whose role is to keep heat and cold from the other side of the door. 

Fiberglass doors are made with a strong material to provide security. Fiberglass is hard to break or dent.

They are less costly compared to wood, are durable, and curb appeal.

Steel Entry Doors

You can get steel doors in smooth or wood grain texture and different colors. They also come in different types and styles, some with glass.

The steel entry doors that are made with 20-gauge steel do not warp fast. These doors are sturdy and durable, and they also do not crack. Steel is not vulnerable to insects, like wood. It also does not suck in water and swell, but these doors can become too cold and too hot depending on changes in temperatures.

Depending on if they have rust prevention, these doors offer very low maintenance. Other manufacturers will provide paint and stain warranties.

They are energy efficient and offer security to your house. They also cost less, compared to wood and fiberglass.

To conclude, it all comes down to personal preferences. Some homeowners will opt for fiberglass or steel due to a certain feature they admire in each material. However, the price plays a vital role in the selection of either of these options.

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