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Summer Fun Bucket List – 10 Things Everyone Should Do This Summer

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I grew up on the water. From the time I was about 3 years old, my family has spent many years at the lake Every summer we would load up the camper, the boat, and our large family and head out to the perfect spot. We would spend hours every day on the water either fishing or swimming. My childhood memories are FULL of days on the lake.


It has been several years since I have been able to get on a boat. We don't own one, and the thought of renting one for the day just is not as fun — BUT we are going to this summer.

In fact, there are 10 things that we are going to do this summer  — a summer bucket list if you will — that I think everyone should experience at least once. And most of them can be done ON the water.

1. Watch the fireworks on the water

Fireworks on the water

I have always just watched fireworks on the bank, but this year, I am hoping to sit right on the water with all the other boats and watch the fireworks.

2. Lay on a blanket and look up at the stars

There is nothing like looking at the stars on the bow of a boat. The night sounds are quiet and it is the most magical thing on the planet.

3. Definitely fishing with family

We love fishing so being able to sit on a boat and fish is the perfect past time.

Kayla Fishing

4. Eating dinner at a restaurant on the water

I have taken a few dinner cruises in my life and they are absolutely FUN!

5. Taking my husband on a surprise fishing date

My hubby loves going fishing, but I also love having date night, so I plan on surprising him with a surprise fishing date, complete with picnic basket.

I will be packing a picnic lunch that I made just for us and we will spend the day on the water just relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

6. Have a Dance Party on a boat

Take your boat out on the water, crank up the music and have a dance fest.

7. Watch a boat race

Every Fourth of July here where I live they have boat races. It is so fun to watch so I am definitely going to make plans to do that again.

boat races

8. Recreate a favorite memory from my childhood

Think of something that you did when you were a kid on the water and spend some time with your family and recreate it.

9. Take Your Family Out for a Day on the Lake

If your family has never experienced boating before, take them out on the lake. Everyone needs to experience it at least just once.

10. Make plans every year to do this again

Once your summer is over and you have completed your list of things to do on the water, sit down, and make a NEW list for the coming year and hang it where you can see it every day.

You can go boating too!

Visit to learn more about ways to get out on the water this summer (without having to already own a boat). Use the Boat Selector tool to find out which boat is a right fit for you and your family.

Check out the inspirational Stories of Discovery documentary series, featuring real boaters and how boating impacts their lives.

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Have you ever been boating?

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