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Summertime Health Checklist For Your Dog

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This summertime health checklist for your dog will keep your pooch healthy all summer long. Read on to learn more.

Summer is finally on its way and it is probably long-awaited by our beloved four-legged friends as well. Extra-long evening walks and wonderful baths are hopefully on most dog owners' agendas.

For dogs, the summer season is a great time filled with adventure and long beautiful days spent in the sun.

There will be more outdoor activities such as barbecues, picnics, and time spent frolicking in nature.

However, the heat and sun also mean that the risk of health concerns increases with our pets.

In order to be prepared for any hazardous situations, it is good to provide your pet with the best care that will ensure their safety.

Learn about pet insurance terms and definitions when comparing and choosing different insurance plans that will best suit your pet’s needs and give you peace of mind. In the article below, we have created a checklist to ensure your dog’s health is taken care of in all situations.

Summertime Health Checklist for Your Dog

Think Of Hydration

Sun and heat mean that both dogs and humans need to drink more liquids than usual to avoid becoming dehydrated. Especially during the summer, when sweltering hot, you want your darling pup to drink a little more water than normal.

Some love to drink water and routinely drink after their walk or after eating, while other dogs are completely uninterested in the water bowl.

Signs that the dog has become severely dehydrated are that the mucous membranes in the mouth feel sticky. The normal temperature in dogs is 101.0 to 102.5°F but can rise to some degree if it is really hot outside.

Make sure the dog is hydrated and gets water at least a couple of hours apart. If you are going for a longer walk, it is good to bring a water bottle and water bowl for the dog. You can also mix in a little water in the dog's food to ensure that the dog gets enough fluids.

Healthy Nutrition Choices

When the temperature soars during the summer, you might notice that your pup’s appetite has dropped. You shouldn’t be worried that something is off since the dog craves fewer calories to keep itself warm and satisfied. This applies to humans as well, as we tend to eat lighter during the summer months.

There are lots of different types of fruits and vegetables that are great for your dog. If wet food is not an option, you can try adding some fruit and vegetables to the dry food to make it a little fresher. Remember to double-check which fruits and vegetables are suitable for your dog.

A tasty and fun treat for your pup is dog-friendly homemade ice cream. If you really like to spoil your pet, you can make a birthday cake for cats or for your dog as well.

To provide your dog with distinct health advantages, you should keep an eye on your pet and help it maintain a nutritious diet all year round, as it is vital for its overall well-being.

Beware of Food Hazards

During summer, it’s wonderful to both cook food and eats outdoors. However, when cooking is moved out into the open, many dogs can easily get their paws on both edible and less edible foods. Meats and different leftovers often end up near the grill and at the height of a curious dog nose. This list of picnic-friendly foods for your dog will help you choose what is best for them.

Corn cobs, ice cream sticks, and skewers, as well as meat and fish bones, are dangerous as they can get stuck or damage the dog's mouth, throat, or stomach. Some foods are also toxic to the dog, such as chocolate, onions, and grapes.

Common symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and the dog drooling heavily.

Picnic times do not only mean edible dangers. A broken glass bottle can easily cut a dog's paw. And shredded disposable aluminum grills are also very sharp for a dog to stick its nose in or step on.

Motion Sickness

You’re bound to make some road trips during the summer to the lake house or the local beach. When driving around in the car, dogs, especially puppies, can get motion sickness.

It is a good idea to train your dog by driving short distances and then slowly increase the length of the journeys. Go to places that the dog appreciates, the park, the beach, etc. because, this way, your dog learns to associate the car trips with something positive.

Another tip is to avoid feeding them just before departure, but make sure they have access to water and that air can circulate in the car.

Never leave your dog trapped in a car on a summer day. The temperature in a car rises quickly in the summer. Even if the temperature outside is not very high, it can get dangerously hot inside the car in just a few minutes. A dog, which cannot sweat in the same way as us humans, can quickly end up with heatstroke.

If your dog gets overheated or has a heat stroke, swift action is important. Take the dog out of the car and cool it down by showering it with cold water. Then wrap the dog in a wet bath towel during the trip to your veterinarian. The veterinarian can then continue the treatment to make the body temperature go back to normal and give a drip.

Final Thoughts

Our dogs love summer as much as we do. However, the sunny months can be cruel to our furry best friends. Since we love them more than anything in this world, we must always prioritize their health.

To enjoy this beautiful season to the fullest, keep your pooch hydrated. Be sure to incorporate healthy and light food choices. Make sure that it is always safe and protected from damaging sun rays and risky situations.   

By using this checklist, you are guaranteed to keep your pooch healthier and happier during the sizzling summer days.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.