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Taking Care of Your Curly Hair

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As women our hair is a big part of our look. There is nothing more embarrassing than going out without fixing a part of it even though we would not want to.

According to this page, it is even more unbearable if you have curly locks. It can be quite challenging to deal with, especially if you want to be ready as soon as possible in the morning. 

We have all experienced waking up with tired, frizzy, and overblown hair that it can be challenging to get back together. Even with all the products, you may still end up with a disaster of a hair, and it can get real messy quick.

The Problem of The Locks

This is why it is essential to take care of it as much as you can. There are so many challenges that you can face as you do this, though. For one, curly locks are known to be one of the most unruly types, even if it is already natural with you.

This is to the point that most people who have it naturally are either baffled that others want their hair or straighten it through products and salon services. 

However, there are now ways that you can take care of it even when trying to make sure that you don't have to do much in the early morning. You don't have to deal with the rush anymore. 

One of the main problems that you may encounter with having this type of hair is its fragility. You may notice that you will have a lot of fallout all the time. If you doubt this, then check your bed after waking up. You will see it all over your floor to your bathroom. 

The popular myth is this is normal for girls. There is a little bit of truth in that statement, but the curlier your locks are, the worse it gets. It seems that this issue stems from the structure itself, as it promotes the fragility of the strands. This is why you need to protect curly hair when sleeping, especially for long hours. Tossing and turning can really make a mess of your lovely locks. 

Seven Tips for Perfect Curls

1. Stop yourself from using too much hair products

This is true for almost any type of hair, but especially with yours. As it is already sensitive, you do not want to add any more stress to it. There is a myth that has been perpetrated by ads and “influencers” (not all of them) that you need to use a lot of everything. It can either be a serum, shampoo, or sprays and gels. 

The effect would indeed be immediate, but it can end up destroying your natural look. If you are starting with a product, try it out little by little so that your body can be accustomed to it as well. Read more about this here:

2. Step up with the conditioner

On the other hand, this is one product that you do not want to skip. Conditioners exist so that your locks would not be dry and can still be pliable for various styles you may want. Without it, the top of your head would look frizzy, and you don't want any birds roosting on that. 

Meanwhile, the choice of conditioner will depend on what type you have. If you find your mane to be a bit unruly, then you need to use a deep conditioner to penetrate to the roots. This way, it would be more effective, and you will find yourself managing your look easier. 

3. Control the water temperature when bathing

Another thing that makes that part of your head suffer is the water temperature. Most of us like to bathe in warmer water, especially if the weather is cold. However, the hotter it is, the more it can damage your crowning glory. 

There are even studies that claim that this is the reason for frizziness and breakage. If you are bathing, try to be gentle with it and use only lukewarm from now on. This way, you can still have a relaxing bath without worrying whether you've ruined what you've worked hard for the next day.

4. Wash slowly and organize it into sections

While bathing, most of us would apply shampoo haphazardly because we just never bothered with it. However, it would be best if you were organized in creating sections to use them so that you can also disentangle some of the strands.

Remember, once this is dry, it will go back to what it was. This is the stage wherein it can be a challenge even to comb it in place. If you have already done it in the shower, then you can now make it to the design of your choice. 

5. Fix your hair before you sleep

Once you go home, the first thing that you may want is to fall into bed and never wake up until the next day. Even though this would be the best feeling ever, this will affect your look the next day.

There might be some makeup left on your face, and it has already dried up. The worst-case scenario would be all the knots on your head. Before sleeping, try to braid it loosely or put it up in a pineapple shape so that it would stay in place. This way, you do not have to worry as much in the shower the next day.

6. Choose the Proper Bed Sheet and Pillowcase

This might be a surprise, but some types of cloth can tangle your hair up as well. In particular, cotton can latch on to the strands and make the situation worse come morning. Invest in some satin sheets to avoid this. It might be a bit expensive, but this material is so smooth that it makes your slumber more comfortable. There is a reason for this:

7. Comb carefully and properly

As in the showers, comb your hair in sections. This way, you do not have to deal with everything all at once. It can already be stressful to wake up and face a new day. Having a bad day with your strands can add to that.

Choose a wide-toothed comb for unruly brambles and detanglers for worse situations. 

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