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Taste of Excellence: Michelin-Starred Dining in New York City

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Besides the sheer amount of entertainment and attractions that New York has to offer, you should come for an incredible food experience. Find out about popular Michelin-starred restaurants.

Many of the Michelin-Starred restaurants in New York City started as small, passionate businesses; if you've been inspired by their success and consider launching your own restaurant, understanding the process of forming an LLC in New York might be your first step towards achieving culinary excellence.

Many tourists from all over the world come here not only to see the majestic architectural buildings or stroll through Central Park. For many people, this city is a desirable destination for a gastronomic tour.

Most tourists going on gastronomic tours are interested in establishments with Michelin stars. This city becomes an obvious choice, as here you can find over four hundred restaurants with at least one Michelin star. However, going to restaurants with three Michelin stars is an unforgettable experience. 

When you go there, you can't help but share your food tour experience, which is why you need to stay connected while traveling to New York. In this regard, you can take care of buying a virtual SIM card and enjoy 24/7 internet access. You just need to use the Yesim application, where you can purchase an eSIM card and go on an exciting gastronomic tour. 

We will tell you about the most remarkable restaurants that attract tourists from all over the world. 

Top restaurants


You can try haute Japanese cuisine not only in Japan. Chef Masa pleases visitors with his gourmet dishes because he puts his whole soul into each dish. You won't get this kind of experience anywhere else. 

The restaurant itself pleases no less than the dishes. Every detail has been thought out, so you can see that even the tableware is exclusive. The restaurant owner and famous chef had a hand in making the dishes custom-made. 

Going here, you should prepare for the fact that dinner in such a restaurant will not be cheap. On average, you can expect to spend about a thousand dollars per person. This budget does not include additional drinks. 

Per Se 

Even though the chef is American, here you can taste French cuisine. In addition to the dishes themselves, you will also be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of the establishment. Its highlight is that during the meal, you can enjoy the view that overlooks the city's famous park. You will want to document your gastronomic experience by posting photos and videos on Instagram. You can easily do this if you take care of buying a virtual SIM card in advance, which will allow you to access the Internet at any time and place. 

In a French restaurant, you can't do without fine wine or delicious cocktails. Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of cocktail menus as well as aged wines. In general, you should be prepared to pay about eight hundred dollars for dinner. 

Le Bernardine 

When looking for a cheaper restaurant, you can use your digital SIM card to find another restaurant that many people love. This establishment is located on 51st Street, so you can get directions to get to the restaurant with three Michelin stars. 

It will be an excellent choice for you if you are going to go here alone, together with your soulmate or friends. You will enjoy the atmosphere of luxury as well as numerous seafood dishes. Be prepared to spend between $170 and $300 for dinner, as you'll be able to sample a variety of vegetable dishes as well as chef's exclusive dishes. 

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare 

This elite establishment opened its doors to guests fourteen years ago. Here, you can forget about the traditional experience where you just need to choose a dish from the menu and wait for it to be served to you. Instead, you can watch the chef prepare your meals in front of you. You can’t help but capture such a spectacle on the camera of your phone. After that, you can share your experience with followers if you purchase a virtual SIM card in advance. 

You can try both seafood and meat dishes here. In addition to gourmet dishes, you can choose from wines that have been produced in various European countries. In general, you can expect to pay $420 per person. 


When you travel for a gastronomic experience, you should add New York to your itinerary. This city is ready to offer you a huge number of restaurants with Michelin stars. The most attractive thing is that you can choose different cuisines that you want to try. Dinner at these restaurants is not cheap, but depending on your budget, you can visit many amazing places with gourmet dishes.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.