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Time For New Windows? A Contractor Can Help You Make Affordable Choices!

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You think it’s time for new windows. How will you go about choosing replacements that are functional, energy-efficient, and affordable?

The best solution is to call a trusted contractor and arrange for a replacement windows consultation. Here are some examples of how the contractor can help. 

Going Over the Results of the Assessment

Before making any suggestions, the contractor will conduct a full assessment of the windows. The goal is to get an idea of whether most of your windows are standard sizes or if you will need custom sizing. If your home was build since the middle of the 20th century, the windows are likely to be standard dimensions. That’s good, since the cost per window will be a little lower in most cases. 

The contractor will go over the results with you. That provides the chance to ask any questions you have, up to and including whether the current windows could be repaired, or if your suspicions that they need replacing happen to be true. 

Suggesting Designs That are Particularly Suitable for Your Home

You don’t have to live with the same window style forever. If you’re not that crazy about the current style, the contractor will be happy to discuss the top window designs currently available. Many of them will be available in the same dimensions as the current windows. 

The contractor will focus on styles that blend in nicely with your home’s exterior design. You may be surprised to learn how many styles do actually work well with your home. Remember that you could go with a more traditional style or at least something that’s more contemporary than the roll-out windows that came with your mid-20th century ranch style house. 

Comparing the Merits of Each Possible Choice

Assuming you find that two or three different styles are of interest, the contractor will help you compare each of them. One particular style is likely to have features or functions that you find especially appealing. For example, you may like the look of casement windows and prefer them to single or double sashes. Maybe sliding windows would work, or you may even like the idea of awning windows. Feel free to explore each one in terms of price, function, and durability. 

Exploring the Energy Rating of Each Choice

One aspect that the contractor is likely to dwell on is the energy rating for each type of window. Pay close attention to those ratings. A superior rating indicates that the window design will make it possible to heat and cool the interior with less energy. It will also mean that the temperature near the windows will be closer to the temperature in the rest of the house. Opting for a higher energy rating will likely mean spending a little more per unit, but it pays off in lower utility costs in the years to come. 

New windows are an investment on several levels. See them as an investment in your future comfort, the cost of heating and cooling the home, and the market value of the home. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind, and do spend time considering designs that offer the features that you like. Once the new windows are in place, all of your hard work will begin to pay off immediately.

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