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Top 10 Cooking Channels to Cook Like Gordon Ramsay

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Cooking is arguably the most ancient hobby you can think of. Since humans learned how to use fire to grill their steak many things have changed. Now we know how to bake, boil, brew, broil, and utilize dozens of other cooking methods just to make our food tasty and nutritious.

Not only does this complicate the process, but there are also cultural differences, hundreds of cooking fields, a crazy variety of ingredients, and finally – a lack of time can cause too much trouble understanding, let alone mastering the wonderful culinary art.

Today, it’s not a big deal to start a cooking channel on TV via top streaming devices. VlogBox and other OTT companies can make a vloggers’ dream real in just a few days. We’ve prepared the top 10 over-the-top video apps/channels that keep things simple, yet open a door to the world of cooking with confidence.

Top 10 Cooking Channels to Cook Like Gordon Ramsay

1. Gordon Ramsay’s Youtube Channel

The home channel of Gordon Ramsay on YouTube is arguably the best place you can learn to cook like him (unless you’re willing to spend a fortune on his private lessons).

18 million subscribers follow Gordon’s free videos that include tutorials, tips, techniques, and unique recipes from the master himself. No distractions, no drama – only a pure cooking experience from one of the best out there.

2. Cooking Channel GO

Another big name, the Cooking Channel is now extending its content into CTV/OTT. The app includes live streaming and full episodes of the company’s shows like Man Fire Food, Carnival Eats, and others.

Perfect execution, diverse content, and high-quality food recipes are found here. You can watch Cooking Channel GO on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Google Play/App Store. 

3. Food Network Kitchen

Food Network Kitchen, an app developed by the eponymous TV network, is a video streaming channel that supports both CTV and mobile environments, which makes it one of the most versatile offerings on the market.

Delicious meals, professional guest-chefs, exclusive recipes with unusual ingredients will make you want to share the app with friends. You can download it on Roku, Fire TV, Android/iOS application stores.

4. MasterChef

MasterChef is another famous pro-level culinary competition show. Amateur and qualified cooks compete in a series of elimination rounds under the close supervision of Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, Joe Bastianich, Aaron Sanches, and other world-class chefs.

11 seasons of content will definitely resonate with a cooking viewers’ soul. How exactly is it better than Hell’s Kitchen? We believe all the drama and craziness around Hell’s Kitchen can sometimes detract from the show’s true intention which is to teach people to cook. MasterChef is a lot more relaxed and food-centered show. Find MasterChef on Fox or Hulu. 

5. Foodies

Foodies is a wholesome cooking video streaming channel with a straightforward name for people who love to cook. The content is free of charge and features some top-tier home international chefs sharing their best techniques in a simple-to-follow format. What’s so special about it?

Every aspect of this channel just seems to be in its place, with no annoying extras, no confusing interfaces. Available exclusively on Roku.

6. America’s Test Kitchen 

This is a home cooking show with an over 25-year history. Since 2001, the production team has released 21 seasons of high-end cooking content and shows no signs of slowing.

And now America’s Test Kitchen is adding content for the biggest streaming platforms including Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Follow the Test Kitchen experts to learn about their recipes, cooking techniques, and amazing kitchen life hacks. 

7. Hell’s Kitchen

You probably know something about this one even if you’re not a fan of cooking shows. The show that made Gordon Ramsay famous and created countless memes on the internet, best remembered for ’s Ramsay’s voice-breaking yelling.

Beyond the drama, you can also learn valuable cooking techniques needed to become a top chef. Available for free on Roku and on various streaming platforms like Hulu or Amazon Prime.

8. VTV Food Channel

Another member of the Roku community, VTV Food Channel has found more success compared to, our number 10 nominee, which is reflected by the community’s rating.

However, both are technically apples from the same tree. The TVT Food Channel app is a good example of a high-quality recipe service with lots of fresh ideas and detailed videos in store. Available on Roku.

9. Chef’s Table 

Netflix’s Chef’s Table was the first original documentary project created by the platform. Since 2015, the show has produced six seasons, each with at least four full-length episodes featuring famous chefs from around the world.

Innovative dishes, redefined cooking approaches, fascinating cooking philosophies, and work secrets from the best. See it on Netflix.

10. Cooking Co. 

The Roku streaming platform is a great place for small creators and videomakers to enter the CTV space, and Cooking Co. is a great example of this. The show has a minimalistic approach towards cooking desserts and savory dishes that nonetheless provides a delicious culinary experience.

Recipes are broken down into clear step-by-step guides with tutorial videos and commentaries. Also available on YouTube.


Cooking becomes easy when you put in enough effort and enjoy the process. As Gordon Ramsay once said, “Best to start at the bottom and gradually climb up. I

It’s much more fun, too.” That means it doesn’t really matter when or where you start your cooking journey, you can still become great at it. And no matter if you want to cook just for yourself or for the best restaurant in the galaxy – CTV/OTT channels can greatly help you in mastering your cooking craft.

Anna McMichael, Director of Strategic Partnership at VlogBox 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.