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Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Arctic

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The Arctic is a desired destination, despite the harsh weather conditions. Many photographers go there to capture the unique wildlife or natural phenomena with their camera.

Journalists also head there to witness the magnificent sight and share their stories with the world. However, don't forget that adventurous tourists want to explore the unknown and create lasting memories.

The abundance of wildlife and natural sights is a thing that you will remember forever. No matter your reasons, the Arctic offers many options for everyone. In this post, we share the top reasons why you should visit the Arctic!

Witness Majestic Arctic Wildlife 

The Arctic is known for the drastic weather changes, making it difficult for any living being to thrive there. Despite this, you will be surprised to find out that there is plenty of wildlife. With a total of 36 mammals, wildlife enthusiasts can spot the adaptable animals and take photos.

You will likely have an encounter with the majestic polar bears ruling the magnificent icebergs. When passing through the Davis Strait, keep your eye on the freezing waters. There is a huge chance of seeing a humpback whale or minke whale, some of the mammals living in the Arctic waters. On land, you can see reindeers, hares, arctic foxes, and muskoxen. 

Visit Arctic Bird Cliffs

To avoid predators, birds usually nest on cliffs. The mating season is when many flocks gather on the icy peaks. This creates a spectacular sight for all tourists that wish to observe wildlife in its natural habitat.

Whether you are into ornithology or just a bird enthusiast, you can spot typical Arctic birds such as the glucose gull, arctic terns, murres, kittiwakes, and others. Some of the most popular cliffs for birdwatching are located in Coburg Island, Prince Leopold Island, and Herschel Island. 

Make Your Way Through Ice On An Authentic Russian Icebreaker

Going through the ice-covered Arctic waters requires a massive icebreaker. Every expedition to the North Pole includes an authentic Russian ship, fully equipped for passenger's comfort. Even though the final destination is spectacular, keep in mind that the journey is a thing on its own.

Enjoy the breathtaking view as the mighty ship makes its way through the thick Arctic ice. However, don't forget that they are fully equipped with modern amenities such as a dining room, comfortable cabins, pool, sauna, bar, and theater. 

Spectacular Northern Lights Show

The Aurora Borealis is a rare natural phenomenon, one of the significant reasons to visit the Arctic. It offers a unique experience since the Northern Lights can only be observed from Earth's poles.

The fluttering iridescent light will blow your mind, so have your camera ready and capture the rare natural spectacle. Don't miss hearing the remarkable story that claims that the lights are the deceased ancestors' spirits. 

Hangout with Really Cool People

On your journey to the Arctic, you will meet lots of cool people on board. From world-class photographers, scientists to journalists, many brilliant minds head to the Arctic either for adventures or research.

Even if you are a solo traveler, you have nothing to worry about at all. You are guaranteed to meet many incredible people and learn from them. 

Final thoughts

The Arctic is an excellent destination for curious travelers willing to explore the unknown. Although many think that ice is all you will see, this claim is wrong. Roaring through the icy waters is an experience on its own, while the destination offers so many things to do.

From observing wildlife, meeting new people, to witnessing the rare phenomenon, there is something for any taste.

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