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Travel insurance for students studying abroad

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Going around the world as a student can be a great way to experience new cultures and surroundings; however, one needs to have insurance. Student insurance is insurance that is catered to students and with the help of an essay service writer from CustomWritings, this article will explore the topic of travel insurance further.

It is something that is needed for any student who wishes to travel abroad for studies or as a volunteer. What sets regular insurance and student insurance apart is the policy, students can go away for a longer period. 

Essay writing expert at CustomWritings, Lauren Bradshaw, said, “Many organizations and custom writing services advise students to always take out their insurance policy as soon as they know the dates they're going away. This helps a student claim if their trip is canceled for example. When going abroad, a student needs to keep their belongings and themselves as safe as possible. Just because one has travel insurance secured doesn't mean they can be reckless when they travel. Never leave any belongings unattended and students are always told to have their wits about them because anything can happen when traveling abroad.”

Is travel insurance a requirement for students?

It is not a legal requirement for students to have travel insurance when they are working or studying abroad, however, it is something that needs consideration because it offers protection in case something happens when one is traveling. A student needs to double-check their policy to ensure it covers their work, volunteering, studying, and more when they travel. 

When searching for the best travel insurance policy, there are a few things one needs to think about. These things include

  • How much cover does one want
  • What one wants the cover for
  • The type of cover they need
  • The destination they are heading
  • How long they will stay at the destination
  • What the insurance can cover

Since student cover insurance covers a wide range of scenarios, one needs to properly think about what exactly they would like to cover on their journey just in case things go wrong.

What are the things student travel insurance covers

  1. Illness or injuries – When a student buys insurance, it will cover their medical costs if they get involved in an accident abroad or happen to fall ill.
  2. Luggage – Anything that belongs to a student that goes missing or is damaged while traveling will be covered. It is important to note that student travel insurance doesn't cover luggage that is left unattended.
  3. Student possessions – If a student has their possession damaged or lost while they are abroad, their insurer will cover that.
  4. Days and cancellations – If a student is not able to make their journey or if their trip is cut short, they can make a claim. These things include flights being canceled/delayed or a student having a medical emergency that has prevented them from traveling. If a student is forced to return earlier than planned, student travel insurance also covers this scenario.
  5. Repatriation – The insurer should always cover a student's home costs, and one needs to check the quotes from the provider carefully to ensure they cover this.

Details of your trip 

When a student knows the full length of their trip, they can choose the best insurance policy that suits them. One needs to work out the number of days they will spend overseas and check the quotes will cover the entire duration of the trip. 

A student also needs to consider how often they will travel. There are different covers to choose from depending on one’s duration. 

  1. Single trip cover – This is insurance that will cover just one trip a student takes for up to 100 days 
  2. Multi-trip cover – This is insurance that will cover multiple trips a student takes over 12 months 
  3. Backpacker cover – This is insurance that covers longer trips students take and it is perfect for those doing a gap year or working abroad. 
  4. Sports travel cover – This is insurance that covers students when they take a sports trip. 

Any student who wants to know more information about travel insurance is advised to check with the websites of government authorities. If there is a designation that they deem to be unsafe and a student decides to travel there regardless, they risk invalidating their insurance policy. 

It is important to double-check the policy to ensure it covers the volunteering or work a student plans to do while they are away.  If a student plans to work or volunteer, the best policy to get is the backpacker one; however, it will depend on the time of work one will be doing because some policies don't cover manual labor. 

Is it possible to travel anywhere with student travel insurance?

When college or university students purchase travel insurance, they buy it with the intent to travel to countries in Europe, go to the United States of America, and even Australia. A student has to check the countries they plan to visit and ensure they are included in their policy because this is very significant. They also need to check the list of countries they are passing through or stopping over as well. 

Knowing the exclusions

Online writing services, and essay writers always tell students that reading the terms and conditions is very important when it comes to insurance policies. This makes one aware of any exclusions that are present in the policy they are about to purchase. Some major exclusions found in many student insurance policies include 

  • Age
  • Pre-existing medical conditions 
  • Extreme sports 
  • Restricted countries 
  • Specific job roles whether it is unpaid or paid (manual labor)
  • Accidents linked to alcohol or drugs 

Overall a student has to make sure that they can afford an excess that needs to be paid when they make their claim. If one cannot afford these payments, the insurer might reject the claim. If a student has a pre-existing health problem, they need to properly state them before they take out the insurance policy. The documents need to be read carefully before submitting to ensure all is correct, otherwise they will be rejected. There are a handful of paper writing services out there that are willing to help students with their insurance applications and claims.

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