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5 Ways to Travel Safely And Keep Yourself Well

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I will be traveling this week on my first adventure of 2020. I am taking these steps to make sure that I am going to travel safely and keep myself well

If you are are doing any type of traveling soon, especially if you will be going out of the country, you need to take every precaution to stay well. While we could jump on the bandwagon with the media and freak ourselves out, there are some things we can do to ensure that we stay healthy and well so we can totally enjoy our trip.

Because travel plans are difficult to change and tickets often already booked, it may make more sense for you to continue with your plans instead of canceling.

I know for myself, canceling my plans is not even anything I am considering. I feel confident that I can travel and stay well. You should too, especially if you use these tips.

Because of all the sickness going around, it has resulted in travel restrictions and lots of travel advisories in many locations.

If you are going to travel or have travel plans already, be sure and talk to your airline to make sure no cancellations have happened.

Symptoms to Look For If You are Feeling Ill:

  • cough 
  • sneezing
  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • fever 
  • breathing issues 

A doctor can diagnose the virus, although currently there is no cure. To treat it, you simply need to rest, keep yourself hydrated and take over the counter medications.

Hopefully, you don’t experience any virus symptoms and stay healthy when traveling, so you don’t even have to worry about this.

How to Stay Well When You Travel

#1 Bring All the Disinfecting Wipes

The number one thing you can do when you travel is disinfecting anywhere you are going to be touching. For me, this is the toilet where I am going to sit (use those seat covers!) the toilet latches, the seat where you sit in the airport, your airline seat and more.

When I fly, I wipe down the seat, the armrests, the window, the seat in front of me, the tray table and then I don't touch anything.

#2 Get Your Vaccinations

If you are traveling out of the country, get your required vaccinations. This is the number one way to stay well against any diseases or illnesses out there.

In order to find out what shots you’ll need before you go, check the CDC’s website for health information. Making sure you’re protected from as many preventable illnesses as possible is key to keeping your immune system strong.

#3 Bring Sanitizer Everywhere

I never leave home without a bottle of sanitizer in my purse. We have one in the car, several at home, and then one in my purse.

Hand washing has been found to be the most effective way to ward off any sicknesses or viruses.

If you’re traveling somewhere where you won’t frequently be able to wash your hands, bring hand sanitizer instead and use it frequently.

Just be sure to keep your hands off your face, and away from your mouth and eyes. That is because these are the places where those viruses enter. We absent-mindedly wipe our faces numerous times a day so keeping those hands sanitized and clean will keep that from happening.

#4 Stay Away from Crowded Areas

Crowded areas are THE WORST when you are trying to stay well. People are sneezing and coughing and hacking. Steer clear of the crowds if at all possible.

Health experts have warned that the virus spreads via community contact, which means you should stay away from crowded places as much as possible. 

summer travel

If you cannot avoid crowds due to festivals and conferences, do your best to keep those hands washed and cleaned and sanitized. My husband even adds sanitizer to his nostrils.

#5 Get Travel Insurance

You may be wondering what travel insurance has to do with anything about staying well, but if your plans change for whatever reason, having travel insurance will ensure you get your money back should a sickness derail your travel plans.

Be sure and visit this post where I share 10 reasons travel insurance will come in handy.

You can never be too sure of how your trip turns out. Get travel insurance to make sure that you are protected from any unforeseen circumstances you encounter.

If you can’t get travel insurance, make sure you sort out debit/credit card sorted to make sure you aren’t stuck without any money. Better safe than sorry!


Taking care of yourself is so important when you travel. Getting adequate sleep and a healthy diet means your body can defend itself against illnesses.

This is super important especially if you are more susceptible to diseases, like being older or already have a compromised immune system.

Please don’t let the fear of all that is going on keep you from traveling and living your life. I know I am not going to let it stop me. I am just learning to be proactive and take the necessary steps to stay well.

Do your research about where you plan to visit and then take simple steps like the one I listed above to safeguard yourself when traveling.

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