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Video with Pictures: Perfect Way to Preserve Memories

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Find out how to preserve memories with video with pictures.

Back from a wonderful trip to your dream destination? Or maybe your kid just graduated high school? Or maybe you’ve had a blast at your friend’s birthday party.

Whichever it is, you probably have tons of pictures from the event, as well as fond memories. Is there a way to keep these memories fresh without thumbing through a photo album?

Well, how about making a video by animating your pictures and mixing them with music? Now that would be a great reminder of the time you had some much fun. Don’t know how to make a video out of pictures with music. No worries – this is what we are here to tell you.

Picking the Visuals

Let’s start with the basics – to make a video with pictures, you’ll need to cull your photos first. There is no rule as to how many photos you need to add to your project – it all depends on the story you want to tell and the size of your photo archive.

But most pro slideshow makers suggest that you use up to 60 photos in your video, with up to 5 seconds per each.  

Finding the Perfect Length

Try to resist the temptation to cram all your photos into your project – it’ll only make your video from pictures too long and – subsequently – too boring. In order to keep your viewer engaged and invested, do not make your slideshow longer than 10 minutes. Better yet, make it run for the duration of two average-length songs. 

Creating the Mood with Music

The choice of music can make or break your video, so choose your music wisely.

There are certainly some golden standards for the soundtrack – as in a long song goes perfectly with a wedding video, a vacation montage will look great if accompanied by some modern jam, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t try something different. Just make sure that the song you pick – and its lyrics – matches the tone of your video.

Add a Bit Magic with Effects 

Don’t let your video turn into a boring PowerPoint presentation. Spice it up with effects, animations, and transitions. This way you’ll create a visual masterpiece and will be able to control the pace and tone.

Just a piece of advice, though – do not overdo on effects. The less is more rule is certainly in action. 

Choose the Right Program

A criminally overlooked factor, your choice of slideshow-making software will either make you a slideshow-making fan or will forever put you off this great DIY activity. So we would suggest that you try making your first project using SmartSHOW 3D. Let’s have a closer look at how to make a video with pictures using this program. 

Making A Video with Pictures: Easy Guide

When you run SmartSHOW 3D, you’ll have to project options. First, you can use a template from the built-in collection. There are tons of them, all professionally designed and divided according to themes. If you go with this option, you’ll just need to add your photos to the template, choose a tune, and you’ll have your video ready in no time.  

Alternatively, you can start a blank project and create a video from scratch. You can use the keyframe-based animation module to create your own multi-layered slides. Besides, you’ll get access to 400+ animations, transitions, and natural effects that you can use to decorate your pictures. 

Once the visuals are done, you can move to add music. Go with a song of your own choice or use the software’s built-in library of over 200 songs. SmartSHOW 3D even allows you to edit sound, record, and add voice comments. 

After your masterpiece of a video is ready, you can save it in almost any format you like. Make a video for TV to watch with your family, or create an optimized video for your social media pages. You can even burn your slideshow to a DVD if you are making a gift to someone.

Wrapping Up

So now that you know how to mix your pictures with music, take those lifeless still shots and turn them into a dynamic and vibrant video. Is there a better and sweeter way to remember a good time by?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.