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What to Explore When You Live in Washington, DC

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Living in Washington, DC, offers you opportunities that few other people have when they want to learn about the history of this country. 

From incredible architecture and amazing museums to gut-wrenching stories about the truth of our nation, there's a lot to learn in DC, and living here is the only way to make sure you have the time to learn all of it.

National Museum of American History

This Smithsonian museum offers insight into the heritage of the USA in the areas of political, social, cultural, scientific, and military history. 

With items like the original star-spangled banner and multiple pieces from each presidential era, it's easy to get lost walking through history here.  Every item is explained in detail, and everyone who visits has the chance to learn something new that they have never considered before. 

This is a must-stop location for anyone who wants to get lost in history.  The exhibits do change, so the only way to see everything is if you live in nearby Washington, DC, apartments

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

This museum can cast a somber feeling over your trip, like many others on this list.  Near the national mall, this museum offers documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history

Focusing, and dedicated to, the horrific Holocaust of Nazi Germany, this museum walks you through the depths of what this loss meant for people and why it's something we can't allow ever to happen again.  Although the Smithsonian's many museums surround it, it is not a Smithsonian building. 

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest cultural institution, and it's the research arm of Congress. 

Also known as the de facto national library of the USA, it's an incredible building to visit and a walkthrough if you want to learn more about our country and the people who created it.

Smithsonian Castle

This Smithsonian Institution Building, located near the National Mall in Washington DC, is home to the Smithsonian Institution's administrative offices and info center.  Its Gothic Revival architecture makes it stand out amongst the rest of the city, allowing it to give off the eccentric energy that many would say every Smithsonian has.

However, this building is in hot debate since it was quarried by enslaved people, including some enslaved by Martha Washington.  Although the Smithsonian acknowledges this past, and it’s within walking distance of the National Museum of African Art, it’s still a point many overlook.

National Museum of the American Indian

Although the phrasing of the title of this museum is out of date and under constant debate, this museum overall offers a chance to get to know the lives of the indigenous people who have lived here for thousands of years. 

Devoted to the culture of indigenous people, it's part of the Smithsonian Institution group of museums and research centers.  Three separate facilities make up this museum, and it welcomes over 1.2 million visitors every year.  Although it's only been open for seventeen years, it's one of the top museums in the city.

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