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Why Detroit Is An Underrated Travel Destination

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When you look at USA travel lists, Detroit can easily be one of those ignored cities. Not many think of visiting Detroit, and that’s because people tend to choose more popular destinations within and outside of Michigan, as well as in the whole of the United States. For those who like to go on roads less traveled, Detroit is an underrated yet equally wonderful destination to consider. 

Detroit is quite a fascinating city to explore and discover. Best known as the center of the United States automobile industry, Detroit is a city that wouldn't cease to amaze.

There's history, art, shopping, and good food, and the locals are great, too. Whether it’s your first time or not in the city, you may look forward to your next visit as soon as it's time to leave Detroit. 

There are countless reasons why Detroit should now make it next on your travel list. Here are a few of them:

It's Easy To Travel Into 

If you're from within the USA, Detroit is pretty accessible by car or train. For example, there’s Amtrak from Detroit to Chicago, among others hubs. Hence, Detroit should be one of your options if you're looking for a trip without high transportation costs. 

For those who live quite far, international travel is available with multiple foreign and domestic flights servicing this city. If you love city life but want something a bit more laidback than the major cities, Detroit doesn't disappoint. 

Ease of travel to the destination is one of the top factors to consider in traveling. The experience should be fun, and the journey shouldn't spoil your holiday's excitement. 

Its Food Scene Is Bursting 

Detroit, Michigan, USA downtown skyline from above at dusk.

Some travel for the sights to see, while others do for the experience. There are also those who travel for food. If that's you, you'll be glad to know that Detroit's food scene is bursting. There are up-and-coming local restaurants across the city, so you don't have to be stuck with the usual late-night fast food runs. 

Detroit is filled with a hodgepodge of various cultures. For instance, the city is home to one of the largest populations of Middle Easterners in the whole of the United States. So, you can surely have lots of Middle Eastern food to enjoy. There's also a strong Polish community, so you can try out Polish food right in America. 

It Has Many Museums You Shouldn't Miss 

Detroit is unbelievably rich in culture and arts. There's so much in this city that it's quite impossible to see everything. You may not get to do it all, but those you do experience will leave you with something special. Whatever type of art and culture you fancy, you’ll surely have an amazing time exploring. 

Listed here are everyone’s top two favorites: 

  • Motown Museum 

Are you a fan of R&B music? There's no way you can visit and leave Detroit without hopping by the Motown Museum. Detroit is, after all, the home of Motown. 

  • Museum Of Contemporary Art Detroit

The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, fondly called MOCAD, is one of the city's art museums. In addition to all the art you'll see, MOCAD has a quaint café where you can sit and relax after walking around. For those looking for good buys, it also has a gift shop with all sorts of works and books by local artists in Detroit. 

It's In A Sports State 

Michigan is known as a sports state. You may not see big-name basketball or football teams, but for those who love sports, it's a place to watch interesting weekend games. There are loads of college football teams in major leagues, so who knows, there may be a game scheduled while you're around. 

There's something for everyone in the family to look forward to while in Detroit. Families traveling with kids who like sports will especially enjoy the experience of watching football games. For everyone, this activity is a great way to get entertained and unwind. 

It's Very Close To Canada 

Lastly, if you can take a ferry boat to extend your vacation and visit another place, why not do so? Canada is just a ferry boat away from Detroit. It's hard to find anyone who doesn't love Canada, and even just two to three days there can certainly be the perfect finale to your trip. 

So, Why Not Detroit? 

For those who wonder and ask why any tourist would visit Detroit, the answer should be ‘why not?' The reasons above are just a few of all there is to see and experience in Detroit. 

Give the city a visit once, and you may find yourself wanting to go back. If Detroit has never made it on your bucket list, now is the time to let it have a spot. When an opportunity comes, book that trip and prepare for all the fun you’re about to have in Detroit.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.