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Zoo Tourism: Balancing Entertainment and Education

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Zoos are one of the most visited tourist attractions worldwide, and it is no different here in Australia. This country is home to an incredibly diverse array of wild animals and plants and numerous places to admire them. 

Zoos, wildlife parks, sanctuaries – there's no shortage of options to enjoy unique wildlife encounters for visitors on a short trip, families with kids, students on excursions, or those who want to see Australian wildlife icons in one place. From koala encounters to swimming with dolphins, you can get up close with Australian wildlife at the best-rated zoos and sanctuaries. 

When visiting the zoos and wildlife parks in Australia, many students find that researching the animals and their habitats can be an educational and engaging experience. Some students even take their interest a step further and choose to use their research for a capstone project writing service. With the help of a capstone project writing service, students can create an informative yet entertaining project that will help to balance their entertainment and education when visiting Australian zoos and wildlife parks.

What is Zoo Tourism?

Zoo tourism offers wildlife encounters and in-depth tours to see animals safely and much closer than in the wild. Historically, Zoos have been entertainment sites for the general public and principally cared for by keeping animals visible and cages clean. 

Today, zoos hold themselves to higher standards and are identified as sites of wildlife conservation, research, entertainment, and education. Zoos increasingly focus on animal well-being and understand that animals in their care must thrive instead of just surviving.

How Zoo Visits Can Benefit Children

Children enjoy watching animals outside their books and cartoons. They can bring their imagination to life at the zoo and build an emotional connection with the animals. Zoo visits can greatly benefit your child – making them learn about animals effectively, encouraging cognitive development, and promoting empathy and compassion. 

Here are the top benefits of zoo excursions for children.


When children see animals at the zoo, they realize they exist for real. Their make-believe world becomes true, and they become more sensitive toward the environment and its conservation. 

Empathizing with animals helps children become sensitive towards other living beings and helps them grow a sense of responsibility towards nature. 


Zoos often have rules and regulations. Visitors can't feed the animals or throw litter around the area. When children understand the need for respect and compassion towards animals, the same discipline can be practiced at home. 

Understanding Animal Behaviour and Habitat

Watching animals in natural surroundings is an immensely enriching experience for children. An excursion to the zoo makes children understand animal behavior and characteristics. The settings of the animal cages provide an insight into their natural habitat. 

Visual & Auditory Learning

When children can see, hear and touch animals, the experience will stay with them for a long time. Auditory learners are keenly interested in listening to animal sounds, while visual learners find the sights more interesting than sounds. 

Innovative Learning

Learning beyond the classroom gives children the pleasure of learning something new. Excursions to the zoo are the best opportunity to understand the world better and apply their knowledge in practical life. 
Zoo tourism can be an immensely positive experience when done responsibly.

Because of the strong animal welfare laws in Australia, the ethical standards at zoos are high. So, if you’re looking to give your child an intimate wildlife experience, you can visit Featherdale Wildlife Park, a zoo Sydney residents frequently visit and where little animal lovers can safely interact with wild animals. They even allow kids to become little zookeepers for the day.        

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.