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How to Create an Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

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Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary. I still cannot believe that I have been married to Stephen for that many years. We dated for 3 years before we got married, so this year is special for us. Because of that, I wanted to do something a little different, so I decided to create an Anniversary Scavenger Hunt to change things up a bit.

Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

I got this idea from some show I saw on the television. I thought to myself, this year marks something wonderful for us and I want to celebrate it a little different.

I knew what kind of supplies I was going to need, so I headed to Walmart to pick them all up so I could get started.

We haven't had a movie date in a while, so I knew that we would end our evening snuggled on the couch together. We are in high demand of Christmas movies, so I needed snacks we could eat while watching our favorite holiday shows.

I picked up a huge box of Slim Jim Snacks and decided that using this was going to be the perfect scavenger hunt puzzle piece! My husband loves a meat and potatoes kind of meal, so I knew a meaty snack would fit the bill perfectly. It's a great way to take a break from the traditional candies and bags of chips.

Slim Jim

Then I came home and sat down and started writing out my clues. Now, I will be the first to tell you that I am not very good at rhyming, but they all turned out. I even made them kind of go with the Slim Jim logo and tag line.

anniversary scavenger hunt 1

For the first clue, I fixed it and taped it to the door so that as soon as he gets home, he will see it. The clue reads —

Roses are red and violets are blue. Let's start this anniversary scavenger hunt with a clue. 22 years of wedded bliss, means that we must end this romantic night with a kiss.

I'm not as “slim” as I once was and that is okay. For your next official clue, go to where I start my day!

Slim Jim

My daughter helped me to tape a Slim Jim to each clue. Those will be our snacks plus popcorn for our movie night after we get home from having dinner.

Of course, where I start my day is my coffee pot, so my daughter hung up the next clue for me there.

Slim Jim

It reads —

Grab a cup or two and let's settle in for some deep conversation. Your next clue “Jim” — well, you will just have to use your imagination! * Hint – it's by the stove 😉

Deep conversation is so needed in a relationship and after 22 years, we have had some very meaningful late night talks and early morning talks. I enjoy my coffee and sometimes he drinks with me while we discuss the future.

The next clue was over by the microwave because it is our popcorn clue!

Slim Jim

The clue reads —

Our bodies may look all tattered and torn, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying this popcorn! Your next clue you'll find in a quick little “snap” if you think about where you often nap.

Slim Jim

Once he finds this clue, he will totally think he's done since he will be heading to his chair, but there's one more clue for him to find from this point!

The next clue reads —

Now that you've found the next yummy clue, I hope you don't think you can sit down because we are through.

The next clue you'll find where we lay down our heads. It's not a snack as you might have guessed. Just go find it and you'll figure out the rest!

Slim Jim

The last clue I have laying on our bed. It is the rest of the Slim Jim for movie time and his clothes because I am surprising him and springing for dinner!

The last and final clue reads —

Now that you've found the final clue, I bet you can tell what I've been up to. Oh Snap! Take a quick shower and change real quick, because we had dinner reservations tonight at 6!

After dinner we come back home and snuggle together on the couch, with snacks in hand for a movie and an anniversary pig out!

I really had a lot of fun putting together this scavenger hunt for him. It's a fun way to ask someone out for a nice night on the town, and having some yummy snacks like a box of Slim Jims and a movie to come home to makes the evening super duper special.

Have you ever done anything like this on your anniversary before?

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Friday 15th of July 2016

This was super cute! & helpful. Thank you for posting this. I'm doing a scavenger hunt for a date night for my husband and couldn't think of how to get it started but this really helped and gave me tons of new and fresh ideas.

Thank you!

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