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Meyer Vacation Rentals at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

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Thank you to the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism for sending my husband and I on this much needed getaway!

When we went to Gulf Shores, Alabama for our romantic getaway, we stayed in a beachfront condo from Meyer Vacation Rentals. I had never stayed in a condo before, so I was super excited to be right on the water.

Meyer Vacation Rentals Gulf Shores

Our condo (on the 13th floor) was among many others that lined the beach. I loved the fact that each condo had their own section of beach and only the people staying in those rooms could use that portion of the beach. It made for a really nice area that was not over crowded with strange people just walking up to sit on the beach.

Our view from the room

Our condo was a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo complete with a full kitchen, laundry facilities, dining area — and my favorite place every day — the balcony!

Coastal Arts Center

Stephen just had fun hanging out and relaxing on the super comfy couch with a chaise. We totally fought over who was gonna enjoy the chaise. Neither of us could give in, so we decided just to share that. It made him happy!

Stephen in our condo

I loved how open the condo was and the fact that the master bedroom also had a balcony. We spent many mornings and nights with the doors open just listening to the waves crash upon the beach.

Master Bedroom

The kitchen comes fully equipped with everything you will need to make a delicious meal, or make a wonderful cup of coffee. No need to eat out every night! Just stock your refrigerator and cupboards with food for the week and you will have your home away from home — but on the beach.

Complete Dining Room and Kitchen

More than anything, we just had a great time relaxing in a gorgeous condo all week. It was nice to come back after a day of sight seeing and fall on the couch, with the balcony doors open, listening to the water, watching it rain, and taking a very much needed nap!

Enjoying our condo

Our condo was on the 13th floor — which was perfect for us! We loved staying up high so we could look down and see everything that was going on for miles. It was awesome to watch the storms when they were rolling in across the water.

On the property of Crystal Shores, you will find an inground swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, workout room, snack and vending machines, and a boardwalk that will head you right out to the beach area.

My husband and I spent one morning super early shell hunting. We did not have to travel very far. There were TONS of shells on the beach!

Tons of shells on the beach

If you are looking to get away on a romantic vacation, or even a family vacation, Meyer Vacation Rentals is THE perfect way to go. They have many condos and options to choose from. Just tell them what you are looking for, and they will hook you up with a great location!

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Have you ever stayed in a condo from Meyer Vacation Rentals?

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