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How to Create a Beautiful Stocking Holder for the Holidays

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Today I want to show you how to make a really beautiful stocking holder made from a few items that I picked up from my local home improvement store.


This year my mother in law and her kitty cat moved in with us. My husband and I want to make this year super special for her. We haven't done stockings in a few years, so we decided that this year we would bring it back.

When I found out that Personal Creations wanted to send our family some personalized stockings, I knew that I was going to need something to hang them on. I don't have a mantle, but found a cute design idea online, so I set my daughter up with the tools and materials she needed to make it come to life.

For starters you need the following from Lowe's —

  • 1″ x 4′ piece of poplar wood (you can find it in the precut wood section — just ask)
  • Coat Rack Hooks (choose the number of hooks per the number of stockings)

Then, you need to decide on the colors you want. We chose red because red is Christmas to me.

Then to make it even more vintage Christmas looking, after the red paint dried, my daughter added a little Old English to it.


Once she did that, the red color deepened and the look was transforming.


Once you let the paint dry, then all you need to do is add your hooks. Be sure to equally space them out before installing them so that everything looks uniform.

This way you do not have extra holes in your wood that you would later have to cover up 🙂 Trust me on this! That is why I let the daughter do all of this.


Then on the back, add your hooks to hang it by. With this being a bigger piece, I would use the sturdier picture hanging hooks.

Once you are done with that, simply add your stockings to it and it is complete!


I got my stockings from Personal Creations. I am simply IN LOVE with them. They have so many styles to choose from.

For the pets, we chose the Photo Perfect stockings that they offer where you can personalize with pictures.


Then, for the adults, we chose these cute 3-d type Winter Wonderland stockings. They have several styles to choose from and they will personalize them for free.


If you are looking for the perfect holiday addition to your home, check out Personal Creations. They have a ton of beautiful decor for the home for every season of the year.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.