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Dear Fiestada Pizza – Thank You For Loving Me During My School Years

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I don't know about you, but growing up in the 80's netted some really cool trends. I had the big hair, the jelly bands, the jelly shoes, Hammer pants, black patent leather shoes, Michael Jackson gear, Madonna gloves, sunglasses that look like mini blinds and more. But nothing — and I mean NOTHING compares with that delicious Fiestada pizza that they used to serve at lunch –only on Wednesdays after working so hard on my multiplication worksheets. Can I get an amen there?


Yesterday on the news, the reporters were talking about school lunches changing yet again, and I cannot help but think they are ALL wrong.

Seriously — no one wants to eat veggies and whole grain everything ALL the time.

I mean, I like to eat healthy too, but taking away all the delicious foods that your kids enjoy because they are getting fat? Yeah — that is SO not the answer.

To me, I look at it this way — is it better for your child to get a school lunch and then not eat hardly any of it because they don't like it, therefore not getting the nutrients they need, and not being able to focus in the afternoon classes because of lack of nutrition?

School Lunch 2014


Feed them food that is regular food that they like — that they will actually eat? I would rather my kid eat a cheeseburger and tots instead of NOT eating at all.

Now, my daughter, she would have loved the above lunch, but my son — had he been served that when he was in school — he would have starved.

What is so wrong with this kind of lunch?

Old school lunch

I am seriously glad that I grew up in the 80's. I got to enjoy hamburgers, pizza day, spaghetti day (real spaghetti not the fake kind) and pudding — and my favorite of all — Fiestada day.

These kids have NO clue about Fiestada thanks to all the “let's eat veggies all day”.

Bottom line — kids need meat — they need protien.

If you want your kid to lose weight? Here is what you need to do.

  • Take away the game system
  • Make them go outside and play
  • Get a basketball goal or go play baseball
  • Get them a bike
  • How about an above ground swimming pool
  • GO FOR A WALK with your kid

Our kids are not getting fat because of what they are eating at school. I ate like a horse when I was in high school and I weighed 115 pounds. BUT I was active — and all I had was an Atari.

My momma made me go play. I spent hours riding bikes with a friend. I wasn't allowed to just sit for hours watching television. That was a luxury in the evenings after it got dark.

I think that schools and parents need to rethink this whole gaining weight/losing weight thing. Get your kids active and then you will see a difference.

Are you fed up with the school system trying to feed your kids only veggies and fruit?

Homemade Creamy Coleslaw
Pimento Cheese Burger

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.