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Southern Hospitality BBQ in New York City

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Whenever Crystal and I went to New York back in July, we had the privilege of eating at one of the most Southern restaurants ever — Southern Hospitality BBQ. Now — if you know anything about this restaurant, you know that it is partially owned by Justin Timberlake, which is why we wanted to eat there in the first place.


The atmosphere here is ELECTRIC! When you walk in — it is everything you could ever imagine in a Southern restaurant.

The restaurant serves Southern comfort food and barbeque in an edgy, contemporary rustic setting and is definitely worth a visit if you go to New York City.

We started off the evening by ordering two different appetizers — fried pickles and BBQ Pork Nachos.


Now, I am a lover of fried pickles. There is just something about them. I love how they serve them at Southern Hospitality BBQ.

They come in a cast iron skillet, served with a side of their spicy dipping sauce.

The BBQ Pork Nachos are MASSIVE. Crystal and I were thinking we  might have ordered too much, because while we were eating away at these two appetizers, the cooks were in the kitchen working on our main course — Nashville Hot Chicken.


Now, I have had Nashville Hot Chicken before, but when Southern Hospitality says hot — it is HOT! I had to opt out and just go with regular chicken after a couple of bites, but Crystal was a trooper and powered through.

She and I laughed SO much that night because she had this dance going on with every bite! It was hilarious.

After our main course, we ordered dessert. Crystal chose the chocolate lava cake, but I went for the Southern Classic– Banana Pudding. And then just for the heck of it, we ordered the Smore's Dip.


The banana pudding had these crystallized bananas on top that were simply amazing. With every bite of the warm pudding, you got this amazing crunchy banana to go along with it.


The Smore's Dip was so good. Both Crystal and I said we were going to have to make this at home and blog about it because the chocolate dip underneath was simply heaven.


The dessert that Crystal ordered was our favorites, because hello — chocolate? Yeah — with every bite, she and I closed our eyes, and sighed.

Our dinner that evening was simply wonderful.

Southern Hospitality BBQ is in a very good neighborhood and the walk to get there from our hotel was about 20 minutes, so we didn't mind. It was a good way to work off our dinner afterwards and a great way to tour all the apartment buildings in the area.

If you are looking for a great place to eat, then THIS is it — especially if you want some Southern food. Oh — and Justin does stop in from time to time, so you might even catch a glimpse of JT himself.

If you are visiting New York for the first time, here are a few tips I learned during my first trip there.

Have you ever eaten here before? What are your thoughts?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.