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Dessert recipes

Creme Brulee with Tips and Tricks to Make it Easy for You

I have another great dessert for you that my daughter recently made — creme brulee. Being the artist that she is, she is always trying to find new dessert recipes that seem harder and complicated to make, and testing them out for home cooks to see exactly how hard they really are. With this recipe, …

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Dessert Nachos

Since I have been eating healthy, it has been hard for me to find desserts I can eat that are not covered in processed sugars, full of gluten, and milk chocolate. However — my creative daughter came up with the most delicious dessert ever for the Behind the Curtain Dessert Challenge that many of us …

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Twix Candy Bar Cookies

The other day, my daughter was looking online for a new recipe to make. She was craving chocolate as usual, and when she does, we always come up with a wild creation. This time, she discovered a recipe for Twix Candy Bars, but instead of leaving them in bar form, she wanted to make them …

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French Silk Pie

Last week we had a pie contest at church. I honestly was sick and tired of boring apple and peach pies, so Kayla and I decided to kick up the pie baking a notch and we made a delicious French Silk Pie. Honestly — it’s the first time I ever made one.

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How to Make Cake Pops

My daughter loves to make cake pops. We have never ventured to be as creative as the original Cake Pop maker — Bakerella, but, we have tried our fair share at making them. The first few times were epic fail, but then we finally learned how to make cake pops the right way.

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Monster Cookies

A couple of weeks ago, we had a bake sale at church. My daughter found a recipe in one of my cookbooks called Desserts in Jars. It basically was a cookie mix with all of the dry ingredients added. A note was attached to the side with the list of wet ingredients and how to …

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Chess Pie

Over the week with all the Thanksgiving festivities going on, I decided to make an old Southern favorite that I haven’t made in a while — Chess Pie! I’ve made a Chocolate Chess Pie before and shared it on here, but never shared with you my delicious Chess Pie recipe.

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Chocolate Pecan Pie

I have been baking like a mad woman today — 3 pies (one of which I am sharing with you today — Chocolate Pecan Pie), sweet potatoes, one of my two turkeys, eggs for all kinds of things, cornbread for dressing — and the list just keeps going! AHHH! 🙂 My sanity will return sometime …

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Pecan Pie

My husband loves pecan pie. As I told you before, when he loves something, I do my very best to fix it for him. I am not a fan of pecans. However, this pie turned out to be so. darn. good.

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Key Lime Pie

I discovered a new favorite pie of mine this past week — Key Lime Pie. The tartness of the lime mixed with the amazing flavors of graham cracker crust and whipped cream, it makes this dessert to die for!

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