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5 Fun Facts About Bisquick

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If you love Bisquick as much as I do, you will get a kick out of all these fun and weird facts I just learned about my favorite baking brand. 

These baking mixes have been one of my reliable companions ever since I started cooking and baking. For instant baking recipes and to satisfy cake and cookie cravings, people like me have trusted them since 1931. In fact, I use it to make my super popular Sausage Balls recipe.

With their instant mixes, the recipes turn out bakery-like tasty, but in a homely fashion.

Their ever-recognizable blue and yellow-themed boxes contain multiple pre-mixes. In recent years, they have added savory mixes for pot pies, dumplings, chicken fry mix, etc. If you ever had used any of their baking products then you should know some of its facts that are hardly spoken about!

5 Amazing Bisquick Facts 

#1 Its Journey Initiated in a Train!

Their business concept came from a train journey. Carl Smith, a salesman from General Mills, was on his way to San Francisco by train. He ordered some biscuits in the middle of the journey and was astonished to see how fast the cooks were able to serve biscuits. 

Later, the cooks showed him how they pre-mix all the dry ingredients, saving them time and hassle. Smith passed this idea to the scientist of General Mill; hence, the concept of pre-mix came as the scientist produced some unique biscuit mix.

#2 Betty Crocker's Introduced the Cookbooks

We all know that Bisquick is a sister-concern of Betty Crockers. In the middle of 1970-80, Betty Crocker introduced more than 200 recipes using their mixes.

As the recipe books became popular and gained fame and attention, banners and newsletters started to pop up across the USA.

This recipe for my Peach Drop Danish cookies came out of one of those cookbooks!

#3 Bisquick has Gluten-free Mixes

Bisquick has a separate range of gluten-free pancake and cake mixes for their target customers. In this mix, they have used potato starch and rice flour instead of white flour. So if you want to have gluten-free biscuits, then Bisquick has got your back!

Southern Style Breakfast Biscuits Featured

You will find hundreds of gluten-free recipes on Betty Crocker’s original website. The website has a separate gluten-free section for those recipes.

#4 Bisquick’s Versatility Speaks for its Demand

Name a delicacy that Bisquick cannot make! Over the years, Bisquick has added numerous mixes to meet your baking and cooking demands. Its tagline, ‘a world of baking in a box’ means they can make any items other than just biscuits. 

Easy Strawberry Shortcakes

The primary ingredients contain flour, sugar, salt, and dehydrated oil, so a range of versatile sweet and savory recipes can be created with it.

Home cooks have never stopped using Bisquick for homemade instant recipes since then. From Bisquick strawberry shortcake recipes to making Bisquick meat pie recipes, lazy cooks have always relied on Bisquick.

#5 Bisquick’s Contribution to World War II

During the times of World war 2, Bisquick became an ideal companion for quick food in every house. Since then, it has gained the slogan ‘a world of baking in a box.’

Out of necessity and food supply shortage, people got more innovative in creating delicious recipes out of one box of Bisquick mix.

Moreover, these mixes are all-time affordable, so every class of people could buy them during the time of war. 

Final Note

Feel like baking now? Then go to your nearby grocery store and grab a few boxes of Bisquick. With its perfect blend of ingredients, get ready to relish those Bisquick delicacies.  

Anything that is made from Bisquick turns out freshly baked from a bakery. You can go limitless with your creativity of sweet and savory items. Bisquick helps you to go all the way as you imagine the outcome. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.