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How to Create a Fun Cat Corner for Your Fur Baby

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Mittens loves her new Cat Corner that Kayla and I put together.

My daughter has absolutely been head over heels in love with her cat since the day we found her hiding under our hosta bushes in the hot June sun.

Since that day, Kayla has always gone over and above to create a space-a-cat corner — to make Mittens feel like she is completely and wholeheartedly a part of our family.

How to Make the Perfect Cat Corner

For us, the perfect cat corner consists of several things —

  • Litter Box
  • Toy Box
  • Bedding
  • Food area
  • and a few extras

Last year when I went to Blog Paws, I saw so many amazing creative cat products that it really got me thinking about how to make something fun and festive for Mittens.

Kayla and I started brainstorming right away.

Items You Will Need

Litter Box

For starters — the litter box. We found this one on Amazon. Kayla wanted to get one that had room in it, but that also had a lid because Mittens is a kicker. Anyone with a cat that likes to kick knows exactly what I am talking about.

This one from Pethabet is perfect! It's roomy and offers Mittens everything she needed in a litter box — and gave us peace of mind regarding litter clean up.

Another helpful item to have in your Cozy Cat Corner is this litter mat — which catches all the litter left on their feet when your cat is walking out of the box.

It comes in a wide variety of colors and can match any decor. It does great catching extra litter and it is easy to clean.

Cat Furniture

I saw this fun bedding at Blog Paws made by Pioneer Pet and knew I wanted to be able to have one for Mittens. She loves laying on to and staring at the toys. If both cats get involved, one stays in the hole while the other sleeps on top.

Of course, you can always add in a cat tower. I think every single cat needs some sort of cat tower.

Lots and Lots of Toys

Mittens has her own toy bin. We found a really cute one at Michael's that was on sale, but I also found these on Amazon that looks exactly the same, just a different saying on the front.

Many of her toys come from her KitNip subscription box that Kayla is a part of. Some of them we have gotten on clearance at Pet Smart. She loves the one with feathers on the end. I think they remind her of a bird.

A Good Nestling Spot

Every cat loves a good nestling spot — and Mittens is right on the top of Kayla's bed. She decorated with fun cat pillows we found at Kohls and Amazon.

She loves snuggling and nestling on Kayla's bed –as if she is the queen and we are her royal subjects.

Fun Portraits

Every cat corner needs fun portraits to decorate the area. My daughter is a master artist and loves painting cat pictures to match a person's personality as well as their cat (if you are interested in such a portrait, email me at [email protected] and we can discuss pricing and such!)

And of course, the final touches are food and water bowls. We opted for a water fountain for Mittens like this one after I saw them at Blog Paws.

Now that we have finished putting everything together, it looks great. Mittens loves her space and she spends a lot of her time in there just hanging out in her special space. Yes, this cat is super spoiled. In fact, we even make her a cat birthday cake every single year.

What is your favorite way to spoil your fur baby?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.