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Flamingo Row and Great Caribbean Food – Paducah KY

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A few months ago, my husband and I discovered this little adorable Caribbean restaurant tucked away in Paducah KY.

This restaurant sparks a Caribbean feel from the parking lot all the way to the bathroom. In fact, it is the perfect place to eat with an island twist.

Let me tell you about Flamingo Row.

Flamingo Row

If you are not looking for this adorable restaurant, you will miss it. You can find the restaurant behind Home Depot close to the Kentucky Oaks Mall.

The atmosphere is casual and fun, great for business meetings or lunch with your kids.   They have a beautiful bar area, tastefully away from the dining area for families, but roomy and vibrant for adults who choose to have a drink with their dinner or lunch.

Flamingo 2

The inside has a funky and fresh vibe with tall palm trees, tiki huts, sand, iguanas, and more all scattered around the restaurant.

flamingo 3

So now that I have introduced you to the restaurant– let me tell you about the food!

The Food at Flamingo Row

Flamingo Row is best known for its stuffed bread, Fillymings.   Delicious small loaves of bread with deli-sandwich ingredients baked into the center.   If you are watching the carbs, Flamingo Row offers some fresh and creative takes on salad.

Big Kahuna

This is the Big Kahuna — my hubby's favorite sandwich there. This sandwich is topped with pulled pork and has Angus beef for the burger. Get it topped with all kinds of fixin's and served on a pretzel bun. Yes — it is SO delicious.

If you get an appetizer, go for the Shipwreck. This loaf of seeded baguette topped with bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and green onions. Then, it is broiled until everything is melted together. It tastes like a baked potato on bread.


Another of my husband's favorite is the Mondo Ribeye that they have. Sometimes they run a special and you can get this ribeye for $20. Believe me it is HUGE.

Mondo Ribeye

Seriously — the food here is amazing and you need to go and check it out. We are already making plans to go back and eat there again. They have a shrimp dish that is calling my name!

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Have you ever eaten at Flamingo Row? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.