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How to Create a Santa Pup Treat Jar

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Make a fun Santa Pup Treat Jar for your sweet fur baby this holiday season. Fill it with their favorite treats and even they get to enjoy the holiday season.

During the holidays and all throughout the year, I love creating crafts that show my love for my sweet fur baby. This holiday, I made a Santa Pup Treat Jar and it turned out so perfect that I wanted to show you how to make one as well.

This holiday treat jar is so easy to make and is super versatile meaning that you can switch out the hat and bottom all throughout the year to make it match whatever holiday season you are celebrating.

For us, since it is the Christmas season, I wanted it to look like a Santa Pup.

To make this super cute treat jar, you need the following craft supplies.

How to Make a Santa Pup Treat Jar

For starters, you are going to take your red paint and paint both the Terra Cotta Pot and the bottom of the pot with the red paint. Leave the rims plain because you are going to paint them white later.

I picked up all of these supplies from my local craft store. It made it easy making sure the fish bowl I got was the correct size for the terra cotta pot I chose.

Depending on the size of your dog and the size of the treats, you can go either bigger or smaller with the pot and fishbowl. Just make sure that your terra cotta pot matches the size you get, especially the top. It has to overlap the opening of the glass bowl.

Next, take your terra cotta pot and paint the rims on both white. Then, paint your wooden knob white as well and once it is dry, glue it to the terra cotta bottom where the red is to resemble a Santa hat.

Assemble The Jar

After you do that, the rest is easy peasy! For the bottom of the Santa Pup Treat jar, which is the actual terra cotta pot, I painted on a black belt with a gold buckle and painted on the word “treats” at the bottom.

For the glass jar, you are simply going to paint a puppy face on it. 2 black eyes, a puppy nose, some whiskers and you are all set. You can add a few accents to the eyes with some white and a little white stripe on the nose to look like a highlight.

Now, you are going to take your black felt and hand draw out a couple of ears. If they are too long, it's no worry. You can trim the tops of them until you get them the length you want.

Then with the glue gun, glue them onto the fish bowl for the perfect looking little poochie!

To finish off your treat jar, just stack your pieces up. You could hot glue them together, but I like to interchange mine for the seasons, so I just sit the fishbowl on top and fill it with my doggy's favorite treats – like these Blue Buffalo Blue Santa Snacks.

Of course, you can also make homemade treats like my banana pumpkin dog treats, or these Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits.

How do you present your fur baby his or her treats during the holiday?

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