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Have You Heard of PupBox? Let Me Introduce You!

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Now that I have a puppy and learning all the things about what I can do for our sweet Milo, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Pupbox.

Milo has been a sweet part of our family now for 3 months. I cannot believe we have already had him that long. He is the best part of my day and I love spending so much time getting to know him and bonding with him.

Whenever he came into our lives, I started watching all kinds of positive reinforcement training videos because I wanted to make sure to train him the right way.

That is where I was introduced to PupBox — and I have to tell you we LOVE IT!

There are several of these kinds of boxes on the market now — Barkbox, SuperChewer by Barkbox, and PupBox and many others.

What I love more than anything about the PupBox is because they offer a box that is specifically detailed to the age of your pet. For me, that is perfect because sometimes you just don't know what your fur baby needs at this point in his growth.

Each PupBox comes with its very own page of puppy training and vet tips, and explains to you what your pup is going through and how you can help them mature and learn successfully.

What is in a PupBox?

As I said above, each PupBox is tailored with your puppy in mind. Each box contains —

  • Training pamphlet with tips and tricks
  • LOTS of fun toys to get your puppy excited
  • Fun accessories
  • Treats and Chews

In Milo's October box, he got a fun new bandana which he is happily sporting every single day.

He also received some Halloween themed toys — a light up witch, a velvet purple squeaky pumpkin which I cannot get out of his mouth!

And — more training treats and chews — which is great because he is getting to the stage where he is loosing teeth and wants to chew on everything.

How Much Does PupBox Cost?

PupBox runs around $30ish dollars every month, but right now, you can save 50% off your first PupBox when you choose a multi month subscription.

Don't worry though! They still only charge you monthly but you get a huge discount if you choose a multi-month option.

We truly love our PupBox and I am so glad that I discovered this option. Milo gets so excited when his new box arrives every month.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.