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Fall Pantry Staples Checklist – Free Printable

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Hey, Y'all! I am back with a brand new printable for you! I created a Fall Pantry Staples checklist to help you get your pantry stocked for the upcoming fall and winter months.

Nothing aggravates me more than to start cooking something only to find out that I am out of a certain ingredient — and then it is back to the store I go.

So — to keep that from happening, around the middle of October, I do a full-on pantry restock of my favorite fall ingredients. And yes — I do have different ingredients from the spring and summer than I do for the fall.

Download my free Fall Pantry Staples Checklist


Being sure that my pantry is fully stocked with these ingredients means I can make amazing meals on the fly — like these Everything Bagel Ham and Cheese Sliders or my favorite One Pan Cheeseburger Pasta.

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Frankenstein Fingers
Barilla Red Lentil Pasta with Spicy Tomatoes and Garlic Infused Olive Oil

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