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Fort Fun Gatlinburg – a Great Place to Let Loose and Have Fun!

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Visiting Gatlinburg anytime soon? Check out Fort Fun Gatlinburg — a place for all the kids and parents to let loose!

Back in July, we took our youth group on a week-long trip to Gatlinburg, TN. Every year we try to take them somewhere new and fun and this time, we found everything we were looking for right in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg at Fort Fun Gatlinburg.


If you are not looking for this place when you are in downtown Gatlinburg, you will miss it because it is nestled behind a lot of the shops.

Finding Fort Fun Gatlinburg

I used my handy dandy gps on my phone to locate it on our downtown shopping day and the moment we stepped foot on the property, all the teens went wild. There are SO many things to do here but we had to pick and choose 6 different fun things to do.

Of course, they all started with Laser Tag — because who does not like laser tag right?


Our group suited up and they headed in for an amazing game. The girls thought they had it won, but the boys pulled it out.

After playing a game of laser tag, we decided to hit the blacklight mini golf course.


This course takes you under the sea as you play amidst dolphins, mermaids, and various other aquatic life. There may even be a pirate ship with sunken treasure!


We had more fun playing the mini golf, but I will warn you — it gets backed up in there because it is super popular. They also offer an outdoor golf course as well. We didn't do that one — because we all decided to take a ride on the motion ride next.

I don't have any pictures for this one because I was SO busy laughing my head off inside that we all got tickled. I am glad that it happened this way though because — I did not want my motion sickness to kick in.

This has been noted as the most intense motion simulator in Gatlinburg! It has courses like —

  • Survive Smash Factory—a wild and crazy drive though a crash-test dummy facility
  • or strap into the Astro Canyon Coaster, a rollercoaster out of this world

This ride seats 12 and offers FIVE action-packed movies that make you feel like you are actually there!

After everyone got off of the simulator, we headed back in for some bumper car fun.


I think that this was probably our favorite ride there and we spent SO many turns riding this. Even I got in on the fun and rode it.

We had such a good time here and if I visit Gatlinburg again anytime soon, Fort Fun Gatlinburg will be on my must-visit list.

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Check out the website and all the cool and fun things they have to do here. The kids (and adults) will not leave without saying they had a blast.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.