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24 Coffee House Coffees You Can Make at Home

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These 24 coffee house coffees you can make at home will make your wallet fatter thanks to skipping your daily trek to the coffee shop (okay who am I kidding — it will make MY wallet fatter since I am skipping the coffee shop!)

It is no secret that around here that my daughter and I LOVE coffee. In fact, we live about 4 minutes away from our local coffee shop and visit there on a regular basis.

At $5 a pop every time we visit though, my wallet has not been very happy, so the both of us invested in some coffee equipment for the house so we can start making our very own coffee house coffees at home.

If you are wanting to do the same thing, here are some amazing coffee recipes that I and my blog friends put together in this roundup. 

Of course, before you check out the recipes, here are some ideas for products you might need to set up your own coffee bar as well.

Now, you don't need ALL of those things, but they are super helpful when you are making coffee at home.

The Best Coffee Accessories

For instance, you don't need a Ninja Coffee Maker to make my Copycat Starbucks Caramel Machiatto. You can totally use what you have on hand — whether it be a pour-over or just a regular old coffee pot.

I will say that if you do use a regular coffee pot, just double the strength of your coffee to make a stronger brew. That will help to give you the same feel of an espresso shot in your coffee.

And if you are up for making your own coffee syrups, give our pumpkin coffee syrup a try!

So now that you have all the info you need, let's get to those amazing coffee house coffee recipes you can make at home. Be sure and check them all out because there are so many that are my favorite!

Check Out These Coffee Recipes for Inspiration

Also, be sure to visit the Best Coffee Recipes page on my blog for more inspiration. I even have a list of some of my favorite coffee accessories.

24 Coffeehouse Coffees You Can Make at Home

If you love coffee from the coffee shop but your wallet needs a break, these 24 coffeehouse coffee recipes will set you up for success!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.